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Frequently Asked Questions​

  • What is “WaterWays”? WaterWays is a SAAS (Software As A Service) product.

  • How long does it take to get started and get my programs up and running in WaterWays? Depends on how much historic information you want in WaterWays. Typically it takes only a few weeks to get information imported and takes less than a day to get trained on how to use it.

  • Does my IT Dept need to be involved? No, WaterWays is not installed on your servers so it is no additional time/cost to your IT Dept.

  • Is my customer information safe? Always. We have a detailed description of our IT policies and track record here (Hyperlink).

  • How much does it cost? It’s very affordable and less than 1/10th of the cost of alternatives. Pricing is based on a ‘per-user’ not # of connections. (i.e. 3 people in Conservation Dept. = 3 monthly licenses)

  • Is there an upfront configuration (or cost) to get started. Nope =)

  • Is it a long term contract? No, it’s a month-to-month subscription.

  • Who else is using WaterWays? We have clients across the country in in TX, AZ, and OH to name a few. We’d be happy to provide references and contact info.

  • Are they going to install the software on our servers?  No, there is no installation on your servers. 

  • What about upgrades and maintenance?  Is that covered in the annual fee’s? Upgrades and maintenance is included.  

  • Are they storing our information or are we?  Or Cloud? Information is stored in the Cloud and managed by AIQUEOUS.

  • Who owns the data at the end of the contract if we choose to stop using WaterWays?  The information is yours. Information can be exported from WaterWays at any time (Excel) and all the information can be exported at the end of the contract.

  • We don’t allow for auto renewals. That’s fine if that needs to be the case.

  • We don’t allow our vendors to use our name as advertisement – these are all things that will be ironed out between them and our legal dept. Intended use is just on our website like so. This hasn’t been an issue and we always default to ‘asking first.’ Other Utilities like knowing who we’re working with typically so that’s why we have that language in the Letter of Intent.

  • Or are they just going to give us a user name and password to access the data? Yes.

Have additional questions? Email us at or call (512) 745-3606


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