The software solution that leverages our experience and the power of Salesforce to streamline customer-facing interactions.


Time-saving solutions for your customers

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  • Give Customers the ability to submit rebate applications online

  • Automatically calculate water savings and rebate date with our industry -standard calculations.

  • Sync customer rebate profiles with customer profiles.

Water Conservation

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Water Resiliency

  • Allow site inspectors to submit results electronically from the field, eliminating manual data entry.

  • Enhance the effectiveness of program outreach by tracking activities and outcomes.

  • Easily update your customers on drought stages and water restrictions.

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Water Quality

  • Maintain and track device records to ensure up-to-date compliance with mandatory inspections.

  • Allow testers to submit inspection forms electronically from the field.

  • Notify customers of upcoming testing requirements with automated emails and texts to reduce likelihood of non-compliant devices.

  • Access permitting documentation and track key program metrics to ensure your program complies with state-mandated permitting requirements.


WaterWays Benefits

Easily verify customer eligibility for rebates and services and flag applications that violate program rules

Reduce Audit Risk

Communicate Efficiently



Quick Turnaround

Suprise Arizona customers submit rebate applications directly into WaterWays so conservation staff can quickly and easily review and approve projects, all within the trusted Salesforce environment.

Client Impact

Customer Management

Manage Customer Account information with ease.

Program Management

Plan, implement and track utility programs from the cloud.

Partner Management

Coordinate and stay up-to-date within real-time with partners

Historically, utility companies have relied on a myriad of software programs--all at once--to help them with particular functions like:

  • maintaining customer data

  • capturing utility meter and customer use data

  • creating a customer portal for account management and bill payment

  • coordinating service orders with contractors

  • managing relationships with partners

  • supporting departmental functions


Adding the goal of encouraging customers toward conservation and drought management across all of these platforms could easily get convoluted, time-consuming, and costly. You need a solution across all of your systems that not only streamlines operations, but one that also enables you to standardize processes, disseminate information to customers and partners both quickly and efficiently, and create useful reports.