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Time-Saving solutions for you and your customers

The software solution that leverages our experience and the strength of Salesforce to streamline your customer programs.

Water Conservation

Give customers and contractors the ability to submit rebate applications online with digital documentation

Digital processes for utility staff to review, request missing documentation, and send status notifications

Automatically calculate water savings and rebate quantities based on industry standard methods

Water Resiliency

Automate customer notifications when entering drought stages and promote conservation programs

Mobile application for documenting and reporting water waste

Digitize customer and contractor programs for landscape conversion and outdoor watering reductions

Water Quality

Online forms or customer portals for submitting permit or compliance documentation

Allow water quality testers to submit sampling data electronically from the field

Enable compliance flags to determine eligibility for customers programs or services


Reduce Labor Boost your productivity, enhance transparency, and increase customer satisfaction by providing an easy and modern digital experience

Communicate Efficiently: Automate and track customer, contractor and utility staff communications

Reduce Audit Risk & Fraud: Easily verify customer eligibility and identify applications that violate program rules

Improve Service Levels: Shorten the turnaround time between application submission, review, approval and rebate payment.

Access Your Data: Build your own reports and dashboards to quickly answer management or stakeholder questions and keep an eye on portfolio performance.


Customer Management: With WaterWays, utility staff can see the history of program participation and directly track the history of customer communications.

Program Management: The easy-to-use interface simplifies program tracking, management and reporting for utility staff

Partner Management: Irrigation and landscape contractors have a dedicated portal for completing audits, submitting rebate applications and collaborating with utility staff.

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