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What if you could gather all your customer-related data in one place, making connections and creating intelligence within your systems?

Your customers expect you to be able to seamlessly access all their information on customer service calls, in programs, and on their bills. Wouldn’t it be great to meet that expectation? 

ECOiQ, built on Microsoft Azure, combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful tools to:

Connect customer billing and usage with program participation data for powerful analytics

Integrate faster with utility enterprise platforms such as customer information, finance, marketing, work order management and geographic information

Cost-effectively store files and attachments related to programs and projects

Standardize API or SFTP integrations with third-party service providers

Connected data drives a richer customer experience.

Improved customer experience results in better programs, services, and customer relationships.

Connecting data from various sources is one thing, but being able to gain the true value from it is THE thing.

Reporting and analytics help you design better programs and services to achieve your goals

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