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Value-Add Services

With decades of experience in planning, research, filing, analyzing, and evaluating programs, AIQUEOUS can amplify your customer programs with our Value-Add Services.

AIQUEOUS  understands your business needs

AIQUEOUS has helped dozens of clients like you to uncover new possibilities. 

We have introduced new measures for energy efficiency and water conservation programs, filed measure characterizations and best management practices with regulators, and evaluated in-field results. Our potential studies have identified energy efficiency and renewable energy potential in the water sector and water conservation savings from irrigation ordinances. And our expert witness testimony has addressed energy efficiency cost-effectiveness and water conservation portfolio design.

Value-Add Services

The AIQUEOUS Advantage

AIQUEOUS works with energy & water utilities from across the country to not only deliver a platform that is effective, but one that is catered to your industry and business needsOur industry expertise and additional value-add solutions ensure this. 

Interested in learning more about our value-add services?

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