Masks are the New Black

Based on my e-mail inbox alone, I think it’s safe to say that we are all now getting a *ton* of information on how to respond to COVID-19 in the energy and water sectors. Between PPE and the PPP and the host of other acronyms floating in the ether (along with the coronavirus), we are now surrounded by information, recommendations, guidance, advice, and new business pitches and angles.

Which means that we are now starting to look ahead. And while there is still a lot we don’t know or wish we knew about this particular coronavirus, there is a general understanding now that (a) it’s not just going to disappear any time soon, (b) we need to be able to respond quickly to any hotspots that emerge, and (c) any vaccine developed will require a herculean effort to administer equitably - especially among those socio-economic groups hardest hit by the virus. Yet, despite these lingering concerns, we as a nation are preparing to get back to work.