You’ve Got Our Attention, Utilities. What Will You Do with It?

My daughter woke me up on the morning of February 15th, scared because her lights were out. As she got under the covers with us, it was cold in the house. I padded to the kitchen to check the indoor temperature -- 51 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s when I realized the power was out. I’m an Austin Energy customer and have their outage alert text number saved, so I went through the following exchange:

I had to dig around a bit to learn from Austin Energy on Twitter that we were in rolling blackouts. I went back to bed, explaining what I’d learned to my daughter and my wife as I got in bed. I had no idea that ERCOT had just kept the entire grid from collapsing, nor that Austin Energy and Austin Water would be risking their lives that week to keep their customers from losing theirs.

Emergency Communications - from School Zone to Highway

This blog isn't about grid management or service restoration. Instead it's about the utility communication response. I truly appreciate how far the Austin-area utilities got in a single week.