Electrification and the future of Natural Gas...are you ready?

We at AIQUEOUS had a great time playing in the snow a couple of Sundays ago! We got up to four inches depending on the part of Austin, and the kids on my block (including my daughter) headed out for snowball fights and building snowpeople. (This is 2021, folks.)

Not surprisingly, my natural gas-fired furnace got a good workout last Sunday and the rest of this past week. And my natural gas-fired oven warmed the kitchen and the rest of the living space with the turkey we roasted Sunday afternoon--all of which was good news for Texas Gas Service, I’m sure.

AIQUEOUS as a company focuses on addressing climate change, and for those who haven’t yet had this debate at home, there is a big push to reduce or eliminate natural gas use at homes and buildings across the United States to cut U.S. carbon emissions--targeting space heat, hot water,