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What's your ECOiQ?

For far too long, utility companies have had to rely on too many software programs to help them with basic functions such as maintaining customer data, creating a customer portal for account management and bill payment, coordinating service orders, and supporting departmental functions just to name a few. This time-consuming, convoluted, costly platform management system is all about to change…

AIQUEOUS has just launched ECOiQ, an API-based solution across all your systems that gives you access to all your relevant data quickly, accurately, and keeps you on budget. It not only streamlines operations but also allows you to standardize processes, relay information to your customers and partners, and create useful reports.

Do you know your utility company's ECOiQ?

ECOiQ” refers to how many different data feeds your utility company is connecting to partner with their customers to be more sustainable. The more relevant data a utility company is connecting to better engage with their customers, the “higher” their ECOiQ.

Please join us on June 8, 2021 at 12 pm Central for a webinar on ECOiQ’s features presented by founder and CEO Jonathan Kleinman

*Space is Limited and priority will be given to Utility employees and partners.*

Jonathan will show how ECOiQ works in connection with POWERPATH or WaterWays, making it easier for utilities to provide comprehensive information to customers, and also allowing customers to easily verify eligibility for programs, submit rebate applications and more.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Since 2015, AIQUEOUS has provided our Salesforce-based program management platform to utilities, implementation contractors and other organizations active in the energy and water sectors. Our mission is to amplify the positive impact that our clients have on their communities, and our vision is to be the platform of choice for the “utility of the future” – those utilities that redefine their business models, focus on customer engagement, and deliver reliable, resilient and sustainable resources.

AIQUEOUS’ industry expertise is grounded in side-by-side experience working with utilities on their customer programs – designing programs, managing program implementation teams, helping utility clients comply with regulations, and working directly with utility customers in the delivery of utility programs and services. AIQUEOUS took this experience and effectively translated strategies and solutions into a software platform for energy and water utilities.

To learn more about AIQUEOUS, visit our website:


Jonathan Kleinman

(512) 645-3606

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