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Business-led IT driving SaaS Products for Utilities

Business-led IT is a passion of mine and has been for a long time. But what is it, and how does it help build better products in today’s changing world?

Business-led IT is a modern approach to managing technology in which business leaders and subject matter experts are tapped to help guide technology direction. The traditional model of business and IT interactions, on the other hand, is characterized by IT departments controlling technology-related decisions and solutions.

team collaborating on business model

In business-driven solutions, people who are most familiar with the processes are tasked with identifying technology needs and providing the input necessary to build the appropriate solution to meet those needs. This approach is driven by a better understanding of the business and how technology can support strategic objectives:

  1. Alignment with business goals: Business-led IT ensures that technology implementations are closely aligned with the strategic goals and priorities of the business.

  2. Agility and responsiveness: It promotes agility and responsiveness to changing business needs. Combined with an Agile approach to development, priorities can be adjusted, and solutions realized faster to meet those needs.

  3. Improved innovation: Stakeholder driven solutions encourage innovation by fostering collaboration between subject matter experts and the technology teams that build the solutions.

  4. Enhanced user experience: When users and subject matter experts are actively involved in software solutions, there is a greater emphasis on user experience. Business users understand their own requirements and pain points better than anyone else. With their input, better solutions are the result.

  5. Reduced IT bottlenecks: In traditional IT models, business units often have to rely heavily on centralized IT teams for their technology needs. This can create bottlenecks, delays, and frustrations when the IT department is overwhelmed with requests. However, with business-led solutions built with the stakeholders needs top of mind, business units can benefit from targeted products designed to meet their needs.

  6. Cost optimization: Business-led IT can help optimize IT costs by ensuring that technology investments are directly tied to business value. With business units actively involved in decision-making, there is a stronger focus on evaluating the return on investment (ROI) and aligning IT spending with business priorities.

AIQUEOUS uses this business-led approach to build best in class SaaS products that address the needs of modern Utilities for relationship, program, and service management.

For example, POWERPATH offers a platform for managing programs. This product can help Utilities achieve:

  1. Streamlined Program Management – centralized tools for managing energy efficiency, distributed energy, and electrification programs.

  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement – customer facing portals and online forms to submit applications. Contractor portal to submit on behalf of the customer and manage work.

  3. Data-driven Decision Making – track program efficacy and adjust market approach based on the data.

  4. Increased Program Reach and Participation – overcome traditional barriers to participation by providing online access and simplified application processes.

  5. Cost Reduction – help reduce costs through automated processes, streamlined workflows and reduced administrative overhead.

  6. Environmental Benefits – contribute to environmental sustainability through the energy efficiency initiatives facilitated through the POWERPATH SaaS platform.

SaaS products offer many other benefits such as scalability, data security, and ongoing updated enhancements.

Overall, the utility programs supported by SaaS platforms enable utilities to optimize their operations, engage customers more effectively, and drive meaningful energy savings and lowering carbon footprint. By leveraging technology and data-driven approaches, utilities can make significant strides in achieving their efficiency goals and creating a more sustainable future.

At AIQUEOUS, our solutions are driven by our customers and a deep understanding of how energy efficiency programs work and the challenges faced by Utilities. Built by energy program professionals for energy program professionals, and with a long track record in the industry, AIQUEOUS seeks constant feedback from our Utility customers and the industry to build best in class products.

About Ed Benson

Ed held various leadership positions throughout his career before joining AIQUEOUS to work on products to meet utility’s energy efficiency program needs. He currently serves as COO/CTO and prior to AIQUEOUS, he spent eight years at the Farm Credit Bank of Texas as Chief Information and Business Systems Officer, productizing their suite of software solutions.

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