Client Spotlight: iSolar Solutions

AIQUEOUS is proud to announce that our partner and client, iSolar Solutions (‘iSolar’), has had their solar-powered attic fan technology included the Texas (EUMMOT) Standard Offer Program effective January 1, 2020. Preparations are under way now to source residential insulation, weatherization and solar contractors in the Texas market to offer and install solar attic fans on single family homes there. We are pleased that our work with iSolar has assisted in getting this technology approved in the program.

iSolar has been making solar-powered attic fans for over 10 years. The basis for the technology is to force a constant air movement and evacuation of hot, humid air from residential attics. There are verified multiple consumer benefits such as cooler, drier attics which prevent mold and prolong the life of roof materials, cooler living space temperatures which reduce air-conditioner use, leading to lower peak-demand on Texas electrical grids and longer lasting air-conditioners.

The iSolar attic fan has multiple advantages including a patented one-piece fan and seal assembly that easily retrofits into a wide size range (diameter) of attic ventilation holes, eliminating the need to cut new holes in the roof. The iSolar attic fan also comes with an automated temperature shut-off switch for the off-season or colder than normal days. The iSolar attic fan is 100% solar-powered and warrants a substantial program rebate of up to $140 per roof as well as an IRS tax credit of 26% of the total cost of a solar attic fan installation.