A Report From the Front Lines Of Climate Change

Climate change is now one of if not the greatest challenge facing the United States - and the world - today. No longer tomorrow, but today. Unfortunately it may be just as appropriate to say "yesterday", as it has already been over a year since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) put us and the world on notice: humanity has only three decades to redesign our global economy to do away with greenhouse gas pollution and prevent global warming from increasing more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels - a minimum target set just to avoid worst case scenarios. This will be no small task.

While the picture that the IPCC paints may be bleak, fortunately, there are many who did in fact begin tackling this challenge "yesterday". At AIQUEOUS, we have the privilege to work with these individuals and entities - whether they are energy utilities, CCAs, not-for-profits, environmental consulting firms, or water utilities. And while water resources (or water utilities) may not be the first thought when considering climate change, we here at AIQUEOUS have always seen water efficiency and drought management as inextricably linked with similar work in the energy sector to decarbonize, electrify, or improve efficiency. Indeed, the impacts of climate change will, and already have in many cases, affect the water utility programs that protect our water quality, public health, and safety.

AIQUEOUS is often either seen as a water and energy company, or an energy and water company - depending on who you ask - but for us, in the context of climate change, it's the same difference: our global challenge is shared.