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Power Up: A Spotlight on Our Energy Partners

The positive impact that our partners have in their communities cannot be understated. We at AIQUEOUS are not only impressed with what they have accomplished in 2018 but excited to be an ally and advocate for the many innovative and meaningful projects that they will embark on in 2019.

From the success that Resource Innovations has had in providing innovative energy efficiency programs to underserved markets across the state of Illinois, to the progress that the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) has made in helping water utilities overcome barriers to adopting innovative energy efficiency improvements: we look forward to providing our continued efforts to build up and support the important and beneficial work that our partners perform.

Resource Innovations is a woman-owned environmental consulting company specializing in community-based program solutions for energy and water efficiency. Driven by its passion to address hard-to-reach and underserved markets, Resource Innovations partners with community organizations to promote a collaborative economy, deliver maximum program value, and ensure exceptional customer experience. Since 2014, Resource Innovations has applied this community-based approach to low-income home weatherization programs across the state of Illinois.

To maximize the impacts of these programs, Resource Innovations began working with AIQUEOUS in late 2017 – when they incorporated our POWERPATH platform to assist in and help manage program implementation and tracking for Income-Qualified Weatherization Programs in the Chicago metropolitan area. Understanding the unique data requirements and business workflows of any energy efficiency program can be very a complicated and cumbersome process, but the AIQUEOUS team - with its extensive knowledge of the industry - was well-equipped to deliver a tool and service that not only meets their current requirements but anticipates future needs. . As part of this ongoing project, AIQUEOUS’ Senior Product Manager, Matt Garland, and Associate Engineer, Julien Botto, have built a customer-facing portal for Community Action Agencies to input project-level data, integrate the Illinois Technical Reference Manual into a platform to perform savings calculations, and provide a user interface that offers a look and feel consistent with the desired branding of all the involved parties. As Resource Innovations plans for the next program year, they can count on the POWERPATH platform to be a dynamic and flexible solution for meeting current and future program objectives and needs.

The Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) is a bipartisan group of policy leaders, environmental groups, academia, and business leaders dedicated to “enhanced energy productivity to achieve economic growth, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security, affordability, and reliability.” To achieve this vision, ASE leads initiatives to drive technological innovation and energy efficiency through policy advocacy, education, communications, and research. ASE also engages in diverse public-private partnerships, collaborative efforts, and strategic partnerships to leverage resources and strengthen its presence in the industry.

As an extension of these efforts, ASE joined AIQUEOUS last November for a webinar presentation, Integrating Resources: Forging the Path for Water & Energy. In this webinar, Dr. Natasha Vidangos, ASE’s Vice President of Research, and AIQUEOUS’ Jonathan Kleinman explored the energy futures of water and wastewater utilities and the barriers to adopting innovative practices and advanced energy technologies in the water sector. Dr. Vidangos provided valuable insight on the transformations taking place in water and energy and the policy steps needed to effectively integrated solutions across both sectors. AIQUEOUS was very grateful for the opportunity to present alongside Dr. Vidangos and contribute towards ASE’s overarching vision by building a new alliance in the energy efficiency space. To watch the webinar presentation, click here.

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