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Making Waves: A Spotlight on Our Water Clients & Partners

The positive impact that our clients have in their communities cannot be understated. We at AIQUEOUS are not only impressed with what they have accomplished in 2018 but excited to be a partner in the many innovative and meaningful projects that they will embark on in 2019.

From the progress that members of the Texas Living Waters Project have made towards conserving and ensuring the continued supply of Texas’ water resources, to Scottsdale Water’s industry leading efforts in indirect potable reuse and conservation, to Texas State University and their Meadows Center for Water and the Environment - along with their hundreds of volunteers from across the state - who manage and keep track of water quality in the State’s waterways: we look forward to providing our continued efforts to build up and support the important and beneficial work that our clients perform.

Scottsdale Water has been providing quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale businesses and residents for over 40 years. This entails delivering an average of 68.5 million gallons of water a day over a service area covering 185 square miles, 90,000 active water accounts, and more than 2,000 miles of water pipes. Scottsdale Water is not only ensuring safe, reliable drinking water for its customers but has also become a leader in water sustainability and innovation - through extensive and innovative groundwater recharge practices, a diverse water supply portfolio, and a commitment to promoting conservation. As proof, one need not look any further than Scottsdale Water being recognized by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies with the 2018 “Sustainable Water Utility Management Award.”

In this same spirit of sustainability, we started working with Scottsdale Water in 2016 to provide a conservation reporting and tracking system database. Dan Merchant and Matt Garland on the AIQUEOUS Product Team have built a flexible, easy-to-navigate WaterWays® to support Scottsdale Water in managing its complex rebate program which issues over $190,000 in rebates annually. Scottsdale Water has seen measurable impacts since deploying the WaterWays® platform, including reductions in rebate processing time and improvements in overall customer satisfaction and outreach. Our work does not stop at deployment -- post installation, the Product Team “continue[s] to initiate requests for improvement and [is] responsive to suggestions or concerns” to ensure the WaterWays® platform meets the evolving needs and objectives of Scottsdale’s Water Conservation Program. At AIQUEOUS, we seek to amplify the positive impacts that utilities have in their communities. For this reason, we are grateful to be a contributing member in Scottsdale Water’s long-term commitment to its customers and the environment.

For over 25 years our client, Texas State University and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, has been dedicated to understanding and protecting the 191,000 miles of Texas waterways. To help do so, they have their "Texas Stream Team": a hardworking group of community members, students, educators, academic researchers, environmental professionals, and both public and private sector partners, brought together to conduct research and promote environmental stewardship.

We are proud that Texas State has chosen our platform -WaterWays®- to assist in the tracking and reporting of the data that members of their Texas Stream Team collect. We are looking forward to our continued work with them and grateful for the opportunity to advance their mission - as it is a value we share: “to ensure clean, abundant water for the environment and all humanity”.

The Texas Living Waters (TLW) Project is a collaborative group led by the National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, and Galveston Bay Foundation. Together these organizations work to conserve and protect Texas’ most precious resource: fresh water. TLW is dedicated to transforming the way Texans manage their water so that there will be enough to meet the current and long-term needs of wildlife and communities throughout the state. TLW leverages a variety of channels to broaden awareness on these critical issues and realize meaningful impacts. Since 2015, AIQUEOUS has helped support TLW’s efforts to promote water conservation statewide, and 2018 was an especially significant year.

Last year started off big with the publication of TLW’s Water Conservation by the Yard: A Statewide Analysis of Outdoor Water Savings Potential, a report that examines outdoor water use across Texas and estimates the municipal water savings from outdoor watering restrictions for each of the 16 water planning regions. Meghan and Jonathan on the AIQUEOUS Team played an integral role in helping TLW design/conduct the savings analysis and present the breadth of data in an actionable manner. The report has since served as a seed for broader initiatives by the TLW, including the development of a Best Management Practice to be published by the Texas Water Development Board and targeted outreach aimed at promoting outdoor water savings in the regional water planning process. These combined efforts build upon many years of dedicated work and accomplishments that have helped to amplify TLW’s presence and voice across Texas. Here at AIQUEOUS, we’re so very thankful for the opportunity to support the TLW staff who, just like us, are comprised of a group of water nerds that share one collective goal: working together to conserve and protect fresh water “for everyone and every little thing.”

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