Won’t you be our neighbor? The story of AIQUEOUS and our work in affordable housing.

AIQUEOUS is a software and consulting firm born and raised in Austin, Texas. Since the beginning, our overarching mission has been to modernize both electric and water utility operations. With this in mind it may come as a surprise that in 2016 we also entered the realm of affordable housing as well, through Utility Allowance Modeling. However with decades of experience in the water and energy sectors, to perform a Utility Allowance Model was a natural fit: it did not feel like our first rodeo, so to speak. Since then, we have already worked with 12 companies/organizations on 47 properties in 7 states and enabled a total savings of over $2.5 million dollars for our clients. As they say in Texas: “that dog will hunt”. Today we are excited to continue to expand our modeling work into other states and with other clients, providing savings that can make big differences: whether that be to finance energy and water efficiency retrofits, provide more tenant services, enable property improvements or for the construction of additional affordable housing.​

This year in particular has been a busy one for AIQUEOUS. In just these last six months we have begun modeling work with four new clients in four new states: Oklahoma, Florida, Connecticut, and New York. In two of those states, Connecticut and Florida, the Models we ran provided the biggest savings per unit we have seen for a property to date. In general, as we continue to perform this work we are witnessing great results across the board for our clients. Of the 47 total properties that we have Modeled, all but two were able –through the adjustment of their Utility Allowance based on our Model- to realize significant annual savings. The table and graph be