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Plug into the future: Strategies for diversifying your EE & DR portfolios

LED lighting represents the go-to measure for energy efficiency programs given its high potential, quick pay-backs, and overall customer satisfaction. As costs have gone down and natural adoption has grown, however, it's no wonder that lighting is close to reaching full market transformation. The savings from lighting will continue to drop over the next three to five years, at which point most utilities will no longer benefit from offering lighting incentives as part of their efficiency program. Tasked with this challenge, utilities must look for new solutions to help strengthen their energy efficiency and demand response portfolios. The key to meeting long-term goals will be to offer a more comprehensive mix of measures and to integrate these measures with distributed energy resources (DERs). Before the lights turn off, what strategies can utilities pursue to leverage long-term savings and shape future demands?

1) Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

2) Strategic Energy Management

3) Smart Energy Management Systems (i.e. Smart Thermostats)

4) Electric Water Heaters

5) Custom Rebates for Water & Wastewater Customers

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