Stop losing water and start gaining cash flow!

On April 13th, 2017, AIQUEOUS participated in the 2017 Texas Water Conference in Austin. Our president, Jonathan Kleinman, gave a talk on how water utilities in Texas (and elsewhere) can conserve water while keeping healthy financials. That’s a challenge that many utilities are facing right now and have an opportunity to address through Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), District Meter Areas (DMAs), and innovative financing strategies.

Municipal conservation is one of the main water management strategies in the 2017 Texas State Water Plan. The 2017 State Water Plan calls for nearly $1.7 billion in water loss control investments by 2030, targeting more than one million acre-feet in water supply by that timeframe. Non-revenue water, i.e. water which has been produced but lost before it reaches the customer, represents more than 18% of the total water volume in 2015. This huge water loss (148 billion gallons) also translates in $543 million in expenses for water utilities. What solutions can a utility implement to tackle this issue? How can you finance these solutions and keep water affordable? Integrating DMAs at the same time as AMI can efficiently manage water loss control. And, municipal leasing can be an easy-to-use financing strategy to move projects forward more quickly while reducing the use of CapEx.