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Simple software for complex work.

POWERPATH is a simple software solution that helps utilities run customer-centric programs. By facilitating customer access, engagement, and visibility, POWERPATH gives utilities the tools to build their customers' trust and support. Utilities can leverage this trust to fund their organization's success.  
Electric utilities face a complex set of challenges that make it increasingly difficult to deliver reliable service at a reasonable cost. The path forward calls for utilities to make customers the central focus of their organization.
The easier way to work
Coordinating customer-facing programs, such as energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and demand response, can be time-intensive for you and your customers. But not if you hand the job over to POWERPATH.
Simplify and shorten the incentive processing cycle with POWERPATH’s automated systems.
Instantly communicate with staff, contractors, and customers, with POWERPATH message boards, direct mail, email, text messages, and activity feeds.
Cut processing time in half by ditching the pen and paper, and increase customer satisfaction by providing an easy and modern digital experience.
POWERPATH records all program activity in real time so it's never been easier to generate reports or reference past activity.

creates a one-stop-shop for all of your customer-facing programs

Data Security


We know data security is a top priority for our clients in the utilities space, so we’ve made it a top priority for our software. POWERPATH is designed to be as secure as possible, protecting your customer data to the fullest extent. 

Want to see more? 


Interested in learning how POWERPATH can streamline your initiatives to increase productivity? Get in touch to see how we've helped Utilities just like you. 

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