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Flat consumption. Aging infrastructure. Increased regulatory requirements. These are issues facing most utilities. Fortunately, they can all be addressed by engaging your existing customers in new ways. With AIQUEOUS, you can help your customers make quicker, smarter decisions, increasing use of your programs, products and services, and deepening your customer relationships along the way.

Your Challenge

By fostering the type of interactions your customers expect from other technology-powered companies, you’re positioning yourself as a trusted resource, able to provide the next wave of solutions that will grow your rate base, increase sales, and open new lines of business.

Your Customers

Built on Salesforce, our POWERPATH and WATERWAYS tools provide the CRM backbone to power your programs. Fully compatible with your legacy systems, our tools not only help you run your programs more cost-effectively, they dramatically increase real-time customer communication.

Your Solution
The easier way to work
We've built an affordable solution for your water and energy programs that can be easily configured to meet your needs and requirements.
We've done the work so you don't have to. 

Case Study

San Antonio Water System

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