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Del-Co Water has partnered with AIQUEOUS to offer you quick access to everything you'll want to know before purchasing a smart sprinkler controller.

The details below cover all the bases: what it is, how it works, how much water you can expect to save, what products are available, and where to buy one.

What is a smart controller?

A smart controller is a user friendly device designed to give your lawn only as much water as it needs. These controllers are compatible with all current install sprinkler systems and can be operated right form your phone, tablet, or computer.

How does it work?

Smart controllers work by adjusting your watering schedule according to weather and soil conditions communicated to the device through WiFi. Using this information, the controller knows when and how much to water your lawn.

How much can you expect to save?

By ensuring your lawn doesn't get more water than it actually needs, smart controllers help you cut down on your outdoor water use. Depending on how much water you're able to save, this could have noticeable impacts on your water bill. In Del-Co's pilot project last summer, participants saw their total household water use drop by 10% to 17% (12% on average). Of these households, those with higher than average water use (900 gallons or more per day) saw the greatest drop in their outdoor water use. This is because households using more water for outdoor purposes can capture greater savings by preventing over-watering of their lawn.

Where can you buy a controller?

You can purchase a smart controller at any home improvement store, online, or directly through the manufacturers listed above. For the best results, look for the words 'ET-based' (evapotranspiration) when picking out a controller. ET-based controllers determine your lawn's watering need using both local weather conditions and soil moisture levels, guaranteeing the most accurate water requirements.

Smart sprinkler controllers are user-friendly, easy-to-install devices. But more than that, they're an effortless solution to cutting down on your outdoor water usage. This gives you an easy opportunity to conserve water and shave gallons off  your water bill.

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