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Security and Privacy

We know that the security of your system and the privacy
of your customers’ data is of the utmost concern. At
AIQUEOUS, we’ve made sure that our WaterWays tool is as secure as possible. Our #1 priority is the privacy and security of your customers’ data, and we will work with you to immediately address any problems that arise.


We focus on security so you can focus on conservation.
WaterWays is built on a platform trusted by more than 100,000 organizations around the world, from financial services to healthcare to government. From a security and privacy standpoint, you're getting the best.

So good in fact that it has not experienced a single data breech since being founding in 1999. We ensure the highest level of security and control over everything from user and client authentication through administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model, including:

• Multiple layers of external firewalls
• A unique identifier that restricts access to your
data from anyone outside of your company.
• User authentication
• Network-level security
• Configurable, authenticated sessions
• Data backups and robust disaster recovery systems
• Real-time information on system


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