Amplify the social impact our Utility clients have in their communities.



To be the platform of choice for utilities of the future.



Integrity We act in the best interest of our clients and their customers to keep our work to them and to ourselves

Data-Driven – Our work flows from credible information and focuses on accurate outcomes.


Ingenuity – We approach obstacles with creative solutions to achieve client and company goals.

Growth Mindset – We enjoy challenges, strive to learn, and develop new skills while cultivating personal, professional, and organizational growth.

Triple Bottom Line – We balance our financial, environmental, and community responsibilities. We donate a portion of our time and profits to further our environmental impact around the world.

Have Fun  – Defining this would be the antithesis of fun.



Co-founders Jonathan Kleinman and Dan Merchant share a lifelong passion for environmental resources that has guided their individual careers through the water and energy space. In 2008 their careers merged, and they began working together, helping to grow what became North America’s largest energy efficiency service provider.


In 2014, there were few truly scalable water conservation efforts underway in the United States, and the two watched as severe drought continued to hit Texas’ rivers and reservoirs. That December, looking at the drought and thinking of their lessons learned, Jonathan and Dan knew they wanted to start a company focused on the utility of the future.


In 2015, with decades of experience in the water and energy sectors between them, Jonathan and Dan started a new company to take a smarter, more data-driven approach to amplify the positive impact Utilities have on their communities. 



Initially focused on modernizing water conservation, aqueous (of, like, or containing water) became the nexus of the company. Wanting to highlight the unique, data-driven approach and desire to lead the utility of the future, one word kept returning to mind – intelligence. From the in-depth knowledge of the complex water industry to the mission of creating smarter utility and city programs, AIQUEOUS brings an unmatched IQ to its services. And that, is how AIQUEOUS got its IQ.