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At AIQUEOUS, we work with utilities, municipalities, institutions, and implementers across the country to save time and money across their many program initiatives.

Want to learn more about how we can meet your needs and enhance your overall operational performance?

Where We Work

Elisa Klein

Water Conservation Coordinator

City of Scottsdale, Arizona

"Our rebate program is quite complex with multiple rebate types and each type has an accompanying set of rules. AIQUEOUS team members were more than willing to help us incorporate our program specifications into the product. Post installation, AIQUEOUS team members continue to initiate requests for improvements and are responsive to suggestions and concerns. I recommend AIQUEOUS as a vendor and am pleased with the IT project team."
"I have always looked to Jonathan as one of my "go to" resources for matters of public energy policy and business matters in general. Jonathan is extraordinarily well versed in most energy topics and is a wealth of information. He is always very helpful and insightful and I respect him greatly."

John Hargrove



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