Client Impact

AIQUEOUS works with energy & water utilities from across the country to not only deliver a platform that is effective but one that is catered to your industry and business needs. Our company has also designed and deployed programs to test innovative new products in addition to designing upstream, midstream, and downstream programs for all utility sectors.

Client Results

Time-saving solutions for your customers. So far in 2022, our clients have realized:

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Customer Management

Our platform paves the way for customers to become more sustainable through an easy to use customer channel. AIQUEOUS allows you to support and communicate with your customers, track their activity, and provide behavior insights. We offer decades of experience in working with utilities and their customers to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.

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Ensuring a sustainable future means forming better partnerships with your business customers and contractors. You can deliver your services more cost effectively and in turn better serve your community.

AIQUEOUS has the experience and software that helps uncover new ways to connect and collaborate with your partners efficiently.




AIQUEOUS can help you uncover new possibilities. Businesses in your service territories are working with your customers every day, by forming better partnerships with them, you can deliver your services more cost-effectively and in turn, better serve your community. 


A digital software that combines the power of Salesforce with decades of industry experience. It allows our clients the ability to communicate quickly, simplify the incentive processing cycle, and cut processing time in half. Our program also allows real-time recording to generate quicker and more accurate reports.

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Our WaterWays software is the future of utility processing. It captures data quickly and easily for faster reporting, it offers quick solutions for effective customer communication, enhances operations, and reduces risk.